King Kong Vape adds flare to White Plains vapors culture

King Kong Vape adds flare to White Plains vapors culture.

The newest player in town, King Kong vape launched its new collection of vaping liquids and accessories online adding a flare to the White Plains vapors culture. This area has been famous for its several vape shops and a multilateral vaping culture that is continuously evolving.

The shop located on 929 North Broadway, White Plains, NY 10603 has seen dramatic increase in its popularity. “We have been experimenting with some new stuff. Our experiment was a success beyond imagination that’s why we decided that it’s time to sell our products online”, said the shop manager.

The shopping portal throws open a wide range of e-cigarettes, vapor pens and e-liquid flavors something all our customers have really been looking forward to. Now you can enjoy the all new flavors without living the comfort of your couch. One of the most popular White Plains vapors shop known for its lavish lounge where customers can taste different flavors has finally made the move to go online. The shop has been entertaining lawyers, businessmen, even members of military.

The shop manager further said that, “we are so driven by the passion to provide tobacco smokers with a healthier alternative that we wanted to go online as early as possible. Today everything is sold online then why not King Kong vape. We are getting excellent response.”

Mike was who was a regular at the shop until recently said, “I have been told by my girlfriend to quit smoking, she suggested checking a White Plains vapors shop and I stepped into King Kong vape. From the day one these guys have been nothing but good to me, but driving here for a refill after day’s hard work was a bore. I was really excited to hear that they are going online. Now that they have, I can get my refill delivered at my doorstep.” 

The attractive portal allows users to seamlessly browse through their inventory that is regularly updated with new arrivals and discount items. It will also allow somewhat shy customers hesitant to visit any White Plains vapors shop to enjoying some alone time with their favorite vape privately.

To know more visit or call 914-358-9177 or drop into our shop. Our staff will be more than happy to explain how the technology works and several benefits it offers. No teeth stains, no standing out in the cold and rain, and savings of up to 80 percent on smoking costs to name a few. 

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King Kong Vape

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White plains, NY 10603

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